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Auto Injury Treatments

Auto Injury Treatment 

Integrated Chiropractic and Wellness specializes in taking care of patients after auto-accident injuries occur. After an auto collision, chronic and painful conditions can occur that can benefit from chiropractic care. Integrated Chiropractic and Wellness accepts Letters of Protection for auto accident or personal injury claims.

Get the care needed immediately after an accident to alleviate pain and balance the nervous system:

Getting the body back on track after a car accident can be tedious and frustrating. Immediately after an accident, due to adrenaline and other stressors, the body may not be able to feel the full extent of some internal injuries with the spine, i.e. whiplash, tissue damaging or a bulging disc, until a few hours later. 

Because the effects of whiplash are often delayed, receiving a full spinal analysis and posture screening with Dr. Bill Corrigan at Integrated Chiropractic and Wellness after an accident is extremely important. It serves as the initial step to formulating a treatment program. Whether it is neck pain, soreness or burning soft tissue pain, chiropractic care can the body back to how it used to post-accident. Dr. Corrigan will work with you to find an effective course of action.

Chiropractic care can help with the following conditions after an accident:

  • Concussion-like symptoms
  • Dizziness, headaches or blurred vision
  • Neck pain or lower back pain
  • Tinging, numbness or pain in the limbs
  • Loss of range of motion