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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of the muscle and breaks up scar tissue around an injury. The muscle and connective tissue are restored with acute finger pressure and slow strokes. Deep tissue massage increases blood flow in and out of the muscle, reduces inflammation, and releases chronic muscle tension.


Joe Young, LMT

Joe Young is a Licensed Massage Therapist with specialization in neck and shoulder injuries. He received his massage therapy license from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

Joe studied under the direction of Joseph Muscolino, a global expert in medical massage therapy. He learned every muscle in the body from the perspective of chiropractic medicine. Joe’s advanced training includes cadaver dissection lab at the Institute for Anatomical Research in Colorado Springs, CO, where he deepened his understanding of human anatomy and the muscles in the neck.

Joe’s passion is being able to use his hands and extensive human anatomy knowledge to empower his clients to heal and become the healthiest version of themselves.